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The invisible way to straighten teeth – Invisalign

These clear aligners are far better to live with than traditional braces and wire systems. It has proven to be an effective treatment, particularly for patients whose circumstances make traditional treatments less than ideal. More than a million patients with a wide variety of dental challenges have been treated with Invisalign. Thus the demand for these services has increased tremendously.

Welcome to Here we offer dental education and learning for doctors. Specifically, we are providers of Invisalign training for the general dentist. Our courses are led by a team of qualified dentists and support staff to guide every orthodontist through each stage of using Invisalign and provide ongoing support. With our training, you can also learn how to predictably control the outcome and timing of your patient’s treatment.

What we teach:

  • Our course starts with providing in-depth information about what can be achieved with Invisalign, as well as everything the dentist needs to know to start the first treatment.
  • Next, we focus on complex treatments, it’s monitoring, and finishing.
  • Further advance tips and continuing support is also given.

Apart from learning everything about Invisalign, you will also learn:

  • How to ensure expected results
  • Identify priority movements
  • Selection of attachments, sequence of movements and overbites
  • Clinical protocol for the first appointment to the importance of staff and the protocol for future sessions
  • How to positively affect better results and experience for your patients while simultaneously providing better clinical efficiency
  • System development, new patient management, clinical procedure and patient communication are all integrated within the course.
  • How to feel at ease while using the technique
  • Detecting errors and how to correct them
  • Important details in the communication of techniques
  • How to make the best possible examination to ensure success

Our aim is to :

  • Make you an expert in Invisalign technique
  • Offer firm knowledge that the most demanding treatment objectives will be met
  • Increase your reputation and status as a doctor that specializes in Invisalign technique
  • Teach you to treat the most complicated malocclusions instead of just the easiest ones
  • Significantly increase the profitability of your business as traditional braces have lower appliance cost, thus an Invisalign course will add more dollars to your annual revenue.
  • Increase the number of cases you treat at your surgery
  • Provide a good appliance design.
  • Treat any case and transform even the most complicated bites into a beautiful smile.
  • Start training patients quickly and successfully, within the first year of training.
  • Including equipment, education, and marketing cost, you can typically get a quick return on investment after approx 10 cases.


We know that training is more than just Invisalign, so our team is out to prove how much we really care about our students.

Dr. Ataii – founder of is a key opinion leader, patent holder, and an accredited dental speaker. He is the architect of modern day dental treatments and a leading Invisalign expert and provider to receive three peer review awards.

Under his guidance, many dental practitioners are successfully running their business.

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