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March 9, 2017
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March 9, 2017

Dr. Ataii Speaks About iTero


Dr. Ataii Speaks About iTero

Dr. Ataii Speaks with Dental Product Report about the advantages of the iTero


  1. Amy Wark Amy Wark says:

    What dental ADA code do you use to cover scans made with the iTero to track teeth movements done every 6 months or so?

    Wark Dental Group

  2. Payam Ataii Payam Ataii says:

    This is common question I get and in my past experience can the panoramic film D0330 or intra-oral or complete series D0210 & iTero Scan fee D0350 reimbursed?

    These films are taken for routine dental care and generally covered under the regular dental coverage.
    The panoramic or complete series x-rays are generally payable at the initial comprehensive evaluation (D0150) and thereafter on an every three or five year basis (based on policy limitations).
    Can also bill for the iTero scan / images (D0350). If they are taken as a part of orthodontic records on the same service date, not routine care, they may come out of the orthodontic lifetime maximum. Note: this reduces the orthodontic benefits available.
    iTero Scan (D0350) can also be billed independently not in conjunction with radiographs as diagnostic records 2x per calendar year covered under regular dental coverage.
    Note: Should not bill Scan Fee with x-ray at the same time.

    Let me know if that helps with iTERO reimbursements.

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