The Best Obstructive Sleep Apnea Course To Grow Your Business
January 18, 2018
Snore Guard – The Best Oral Appliance Therapy
January 18, 2018

sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea snoring
Are you looking to implement or grow sleep apnea treatment or dental sleep medicine into your dental practice?

Dental sleep medicine is the top trending area in dentistry today as this is a unique opportunity to provide patients with a complete and effective care. And the first step to inculcate it into your practice is to receive education and training in the practice of Sleep Apnea treatment. This will enable you to understand the processes, different ways of screening patients, and the necessary follow up and therapy appropriate in each case.

Dr. Payam Ataii has more than 2 decades of experience in training dental practices implement and grow Sleep-apnea treatment.

The courses offer initial training to the staff which includes educating them on Sleep-Apnea, paperwork, procedures, and protocols for handling cases. In addition, the entire team is trained on the risk of sleep-apnea, screening protocols, home sleep tests, and appropriate therapies.

A robust introduction to Sleep Apnea:

  • Principles of Sleep apnea treatments and its disorder
  • Patient examination
  • Screening options (questionnaires and physical examination)
  • How to begin treating patients in your practice b teaching step by step implementation process
  • Focus on the clinical side of treating patients
  • Comprehensive Hands-on training
  • Tools for frontline treatment
  • Back office and front office protocols
  • Insurance reimbursements

Sleep Apnea

After completion of Sleep Apnea course

  • You will be able to perform thorough examination and develop a proper treatment plan
  • Identify if a patient is a good candidate for this treatment
  • Have a sound understanding of the process and steps necessary for a successful practice and treatment
  • Understand the necessary process to get paid by medical insurance

What sets us apart:

  • Planned curriculum
  • Detailed path to progress
  • The only specialty courses that will establish you as a primary dental treatment provider
  • Shadowing and mentoring
  • Fastest field for growth

Success in this field starts with a plan. Let Dr. Payam Attaii give you the clear vision to make sleep apnea a pragmatic portion of your practice.

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