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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea affects millions and is potentially life-threatening. It is now common for a dentist to first treat their patients with sleep apnea before delivering dental care. To deliver this practice successfully and make your patient’s experience most rewarding, your practice requires expertise from different disciplines like orthodontics, dentistry, sleep disorder, dental labs, and diagnostics.

Our all in one turnkey solution focuses on increasing your expertise with successful patient outcomes and providing a portfolio of innovative sleep appliances and billing services.

  • We educate you and your entire staff to deliver the best possible care. Our programs are a combination of self-paced lessons, live sessions, and hands-on training.
  • We also provide a wide array of sleep appliances to treat the majority of conditions, along with training on how to use them with patient’s comfort in mind.


Our training ensures that your practice is fully capable of implementing sleep apnea treatment and medication along with the necessary dental care.

We are dedicated to training dentist in dental sleep medicines and use of its appliances.

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We will teach you to implement:

  • Screening of obstructive sleep apnea in the dental practice
  • The use of tools really necessary for frontline dental sleep medicine and treatment
  • Sound understanding of the steps required for successful implementation of the treatment
  • Implementation of the systems, office flow (documentation, medical billing, and reimbursements) and its integration into your practice
  • Internal and external communication
  • In-depth hands-on training for all attendees and their team

Our content is developed by experts and delivered by experts. You can even learn by shadowing them.

After completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Perform a proper and thorough examination
  • Develop a proper treatment plan
  • Understand how to select an appliance
  • Communicate with physicians and develop referrals
  • Usage of different appliances

We will also train you to select an ideal appliance for every case from our unique portfolio such as:

  • Aligner Sleep Appliance in combination with clear aligners
  • Temporary sleep appliances
  • Retaining devices
  • Smart chips for patient monitoring

Some pointers to choose our training program:

  • As a dentist, you will be more likely to discover a patient’s potential sleep disorder better than a physician
  • Our program involves a great deal of new knowledge and hands-on training
  • You will be able to explain the need for this treatment to your patients
  • Your team will be able to understand what is needed to process medical insurance including supporting documentation

Ataii.com proudly provides the necessary tools and training to introduce sleep apnea screening and treatment to your existing and potential new patients.

Who are we?

Ataii.com is a full-service firm run by Dr. Payam Ataii and partners. They are in the business of giving the dentist the tools and training they need to find success in the field of sleep apnea and dental treatment.
Jump start your dental office today and treat your patients in a way that never could have been done before!


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