Snore Guard To Help You Sleep Better

Snore Guard

Snoring is a common medical disorder that happens from a tissue that vibrates as the person breathes through a narrow airway. But this could be life-threatening as it could lead to sleep apnea. It is a condition wherein a person stops breathing for few seconds during sleep.

“Not all people who snore have sleep apnea but all sleep apnea patients snore.”

Thus snoring is a symptom not to be ignored. Still, 90% of people are not diagnosed properly leading to other health problems and sometimes even death.

Good news is that we as dentist are a specialist in diagnosing sleep-related disorders and suggest custom fit snore guards that really help. Technically speaking, snore guards hold the lower jaws slightly forward, which open the airway during sleep so the person can breathe regularly.

  • They mold to the unique shape of the mouth for maximum comfort
  • They adjust to the bite, benefitting patients who suffer from overbite or under bite
  • The outer layer is durable and resistant to damage while the inner layer is comfortable and unobtrusive

Snore Guard to Help You Sleep Better

Our team understands this nighttime annoyance and provides custom-made appliance or snore guard so that you and your loved one sleep peacefully at night. These appliances will ensure that the airways stay open and free from an obstruction to help you breathe. And as these appliances are custom made, it will fit effectively and comfortably to allow you to sleep peacefully.

Dr. Payam Ataii believes and has proved it innumerable times that orthodontic techniques are effective methods to reduce sleep disorder breathing leading to a happier and stable life for patients. He and his entire team understand the unique needs that require special care and attention of every patient. Thus they address not only the dental needs but also every related condition including but not limited to a sleep disorder. No matter how complex or easy the case is, every patient receives tailored treatment, keeping long-term results in mind.

Yes, this is the perfect place for professionals to learn from professionals on how to screen and treat snoring and sleep apnea through oral appliance therapy including snore guards.

They not only ensure that a patient’s condition is identified and properly treated but also share their vast knowledge with fellow doctors through the continuing learning program.

At the academy, they empower dentist, orthodontist and their team to:

  • Work closely with physicians and other health-related professionals
  • Gather knowledge and understand sleep medicine and jaw joint functions
  • Get adequate hands-on training in oral appliance therapy before treating the first patient
  • Effectively treat with different appliance type
  • Thoroughly understand the procedure of front and back office operations, medical insurance reimbursement and documenting medical necessities
  • Ensure a proven follow-up system for healthy, long-term results
  • Be able to thoroughly explain all possible contraindications and possible side effects, enabling patients to take an informed decision


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