Angie Holmstedt
March 10, 2017
Mike Anastasi
March 10, 2017

Dr. Ataii was terrific! He is the best speaker I have heard in all the courses I have been to, including the last Invisalign Summit! (I sure hope he is speaking at the next Dental Summit in July!) Teri and Linda were equally impressed and motivated! Thank you so much for seeing to it that we attended! That meeting was the perfect mix of clinical, motivational, sound practice management and marketing. It was nice to hear from someone who understands that a dental practice needs to be run as a business in order to provide the best patient care. It was also nice to hear from a GP who is really doing a lot of Invisalign and not shy about presenting his experiences and what really works. Extremely useful information! The Friday morning venue works very well for us and would have been even better if it was longer. Four hours, or a full day, would definitely not bee too long to listen to Dr. Ataii’s. I was sorry when it was over. You need to get him back a lot more often. And be sure to let me know when you do! Next time I will bring the whole staff, including those pesky hygienists! (They really need to hear what he has to say!) Thanks, again, for a really good seminar!


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