Tony Stemerick
March 10, 2017
Angie Holmstedt
March 10, 2017

Dr. Ataii,
Hope all is well. I know this email might be a few days overdue, yet it does not minimize the tremendous presentation you had in Denver last Friday. It was certainly one of the best GP interactions I have seen with Align, and I was thoroughly impressed with the way you connected with the audience. I wish we had more people attend, but we will take what we had, and hopefully be able to focus in on them to accelerate learnings and implementation. You had a very good way of balancing the seriousness with humor, creating an atmosphere that I do not think they see every day, and I believe the learnings were much better this way. Thanks for bringing your enthusiasm to Denver, and I am sure we will get a very positive response when we see these doctors and staff again. I hope to see you in action again soon.


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