Sheldon A. Krancher
March 10, 2017
Chris Catalano
March 10, 2017

Just wanted to send you all a quick note of thanks.  Dr. Ataii was in Wisconsin for the Practice Growth Seminar today & he ABSOLUTELY rocked the house!

Thank you so much for making this happen.  We really appreciate the CE in Wisconsin & Dr. Ataii was ABSOLUTELY the best GP speaker we have ever had here!  We cannot wait to have him back!  Maybe/hopefully for IFC & IIC in 2015???
Here were a few of the comments from Doctors/Team:

“He’s making me think about things in a totally different light!”

“There are so many things I am implementing from Dr. Ataii after today!”

“I’m excited to go back the office on Monday!”

“I should have brought my whole office!”

“He is the most entertaining speaker I have ever heard!”

“Is he coming back?!? Soon?!!?!?!”

We even had one Doctor that insisted on taking him to the airport because he wanted to keep talking…(poor Dr. Ataii was too nice to say no!).

So thank you, thank you – he’s fabulous & we are really lucky to have him as a speaker for Align.  We would welcome him back any time.



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