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January 18, 2018
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April 2, 2018

Invisalign is the invisible and comfortable way to straighten teeth without braces. The process has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontics practice worldwide.

This is one of the biggest untapped opportunities to expand your business; on the other hand, now more people are demanding Invisalign.


With that being said, it makes sense to integrate Invisalign into your dental practice, provide patients with an excellent preventative solution and be more profitable as well.

Though, integrating Invisalign into a general or speciality dental practice is a challenge. You will encounter:

Challenge #1

Tough to learn the clinical side

For most general dentist it is daunting to learn proper case selection and treatment planning with Invisalign. Further, it gets challenging to predict the exact movement of teeth which the dentist wants to achieve.


The best solution is to attend our training course by Dr. Payam Ataii. He has years of experience in training dentist to properly implement Invisalign into their practice. He gives hands-on practical training, so the trainee dentist understands different kind of cases, how to select the correct one and proceed with its proper treatment plan with confidence. Also, by the end of the course, the trainee dentist will successfully predict the exact movement of teeth during and after the Invisalign procedure.

Challenge #2

Handling and finishing cases

Just planning the treatment is not enough, monitoring it and providing effective care is equally important. Additionally, it gets challenging for patients to accept treatment. It will get very tricky for you to handle it all alone. For this, a skilled team is required.


 In our courses Dr. Payam Ataii also train the staff in clinical procedures, patient management, monitoring cases on daily basis and patient communications. Further front office and back office management and insurance reimbursement are also integrated into the course.


There are many more challenges such as an expensive lab bill, detecting errors and ways to correct them, etc.

Join Dr. Ataii Invisalign course and uncover the many hidden opportunities that await you for providing this comprehensive approach to your patients. Ultimately benefiting both patient and practice health.


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