Dr. Rapisarda

Gracias. I’ve attended this course 3x already and this is by far the best and most informative of any. You guys need to give this guy a raise.

Melissa Casale

I had an incredible day with Dr Ataii last week. The professional education team is doing an amazing job! I feel that the programs are really getting fine-tuned and delivering clear, direct content that can be applied in the office the next day. My offices are loving it!

Cindy Edmonds - RDH

We attended your seminar on in Atlanta Georgia. It was one of the best courses I have attended recently! I thought Dr Ataii (not sure if I have the spelling correct) presented the information in a very informative manner, but was also easy to listen to and fun. He was very knowledgeable about the product, and sparked an interest in the product that I will carry with me to work today!! I am glad I took the course and look forward to learning more about the product. A big “Thank You” to Dr. Ataii for a great presentation about Invisalign!

Mike Anastasi - Align Territory Manager

Hey Dr. Ataii, Thanks for coming to the Boston area last week. I have been in this industry for almost 7 years and you are one of the best presenters I have seen in that time! You are a tremendous asset to all the TM’s and Align and I appreciate the time you’ve spent in my territory. I look forward to seeing you again,

Dr. Bruce Stephenson

Dr. Ataii was terrific! He is the best speaker I have heard in all the courses I have been to, including the last Invisalign Summit! (I sure hope he is speaking at the next Dental Summit in July!) Teri and Linda were equally impressed and motivated! Thank you so much for seeing to it that we attended! That meeting was the perfect mix of clinical, motivational, sound practice management and marketing. It was nice to hear from someone who understands that a dental practice needs to be run as a business in order to provide the best patient care. It was also nice to hear from a GP who is really doing a lot of Invisalign and not shy about presenting his experiences and what really works. Extremely useful information! The Friday morning venue works very well for us and would have been even better if it was longer. Four hours, or a full day, would definitely not bee too long to listen to Dr. Ataii’s. I was sorry when it was over. You need to get him back a lot more often. And be sure to let me know when you do! Next time I will bring the whole staff, including those pesky hygienists! (They really need to hear what he has to say!) Thanks, again, for a really good seminar!

Angie Holmstedt - Align Territory Manager

Dr. Ataii, I was at an office today and the GP absolutely loved your study club and said it was one of the best he has EVER attended! He wanted me to reach out to you to see what your speaking schedule is and then he is also sending an email to my manager requesting you come back to Portland in 2014.

Eirik Thune-Larsen - Align Territory Manager

Dr. Ataii, Hope all is well. I know this email might be a few days overdue, yet it does not minimize the tremendous presentation you had in Denver last Friday. It was certainly one of the best GP interactions I have seen with Align, and I was thoroughly impressed with the way you connected with the audience. I wish we had more people attend, but we will take what we had, and hopefully be able to focus in on them to accelerate learnings and implementation. You had a very good way of balancing the seriousness with humor, creating an atmosphere that I do not think they see every day, and I believe the learnings were much better this way. Thanks for bringing your enthusiasm to Denver, and I am sure we will get a very positive response when we see these doctors and staff again. I hope to see you in action again soon.

Tony Stemerick - Align Technologies

Dr Ataii, On behalf of the Capital Region team, we would like to thank you for your awesome presentation on Thursday night! Despite all the road blocks that you faced throughout your travels and the issues with the hotel, you absolutely rocked the house! As I mentioned to you this morning, the doctors really seemed to enjoy the meeting and many of them were on the edge of their seat throughout the night. The fact that no one left the room until after 9pm is very telling and a few doctors approached us and quoted that “this is the best presentation they have seen from Invisalign in years.” As a team, we appreciated the balance of clinical, marketing, and profitability messaging and we think that it really connected with all the doctors in the room. As always, your delivery of the material was very energetic and entertaining which certainly keeps the doctors involved and interested. We are grateful for your partnership with Align and your commitment to our products and innovations. Thanks so much for visiting our region and we look forward to having you back in the future!

Sarah C. Lochi - Align Technologies

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how appreciative I am to of had the opportunity to have Dr. Ataii in Denver on Friday. I was not able to get as many offices as I had hoped to at the event and boy did they miss out!! I had five offices who did attend and followed up with each of them. All raved about what a great course it was! They felt like it was very real world and the best Invisalign course they had ever attended. Everyone commented on how fast the course went and how they would attend another course with Dr. Ataii. I had a follow up lunch with one of the offices today, I was impressed at all the key takeaways not only the doctor had but the staff as well. One last thing Dr. Ataii mentioned Itero quite frequently. I had an office there considering the purchase but was holding of till the end of the year. We discussed iTero at the end of the meeting Friday and he committed to the purchase today!!!!!